Disclaimer: The Stance of the Islamic Online University on Terrorism/Extremism

Prevention of Terrorism and Extremism

The Islamic Online University denounces, in the strongest terms, in the strongest terms terrorism and all form of extremism against any people, community or country regardless of religion, color, race or political views. Such acts have both a devastating and detrimental effect on humanity and society as a whole. Terroristic acts, committed by misguided souls, also tarnish the image of Islam. These actions of a few distort perceptions of Muslims which results in negative stereotypes that increase Islamophobia within our societies.

Teachers at IOU

The qualified teachers, scholars, life-coaches, and professionals that teach at the Islamic Online University are comprised of various ethnic backgrounds and come from all corners of the world. Despite the varying backgrounds, they all share a common love of learning and a shared desire to spread authentic and beneficial knowledge. All of our teachers strive very hard to present their courses, lectures, notes, and presentations in the most effective manner to benefit our students and the general public (in the case of public courses/events).

The views expressed in the lectures and presentations made for IOU classes, meetings, webinars or other IOU events are solely those of the speakers and not, necessarily, of IOU. Presentations or the presence of speakers at IOU classes and events do not constitute an endorsement of the speaker or the speaker's views by Islamic Online University.

What We Teach at IOU

The Islamic Online University does not teach any form of terrorism or violence in any of its courses, webinars, other events or activities of the University. The University is fully focused on academic teaching to build a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence that fosters academic research as well as intellectual development and growth.

The Islamic Online University is committed towards providing beneficial knowledge at the lowest possible cost to make education as freely and widely available as possible. The IOU is therefore committed to civic engagement and realizes that universities must play a major role in creating a generation of individuals who are educated and equipped with beneficial knowledge that instills a sense of awareness of social responsibility to benefit their communities as productive citizens.

The University’s Stance toward Students, Staff, and Volunteers Found Promoting Terrorism/Extremism

The Islamic Online University has a zero-tolerance policy towards all kinds of terrorism and extremism. Any student, staff, or volunteer found promoting any form of terrorism/extremism will be dealt by the University with an immediate effect. Strong disciplinary actions will be taken against him/her regardless of their position in the University which may include but not limited to:

The University’s Relationship with the Examination Centers

The Islamic Online University has over a thousand approved examination centers throughout the world, that offer administrative support to the University in conducting the final examinations of each semester. Each examination center provides supervision to ensure that the exams are conducted without any form of misconduct or cheating.

The University maintains a professional working relationship with all of its approved examination centers. The centers do not play any role in the running of the University and they do not have any say in the academic or administrative matters of the University; neither the University plays any role in the running of the examination centers or their academic or administrative matters. The views and actions of the examination centers are not of the Islamic Online University and the same applies to the centers as well.

The Islamic Online University takes intense measures and safeguards in approving examination centers. If any center is found to be promoting any form of terrorism or extremism, the University will immediately take action to cancel the approval of the examination center and arrange for students to register at another examination center nearest to them.