Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is study on the Islamic Online University really free?

Islamic Online University has two sections namely, the degree campus and the diploma campus. The diploma campus is completely free while the degree campus has a fixed registration fee for each semester which is calculated on a sliding scale (from $60 USD to $150 USD) depending on the student's country of residence.

2. What are the benefits of studying on the IOU?

IOU provides you with the authentic Islamic teachings that are based on the Qur'an and Sunnah. IOU also includes contemporary subjects like Economics, Psychology, Management etc. all taught from an Islamic perspective to provide students better understanding and enable them to practice their profession according to Islamic values and ethics.

3. Where is the Islamic Online University based?

Islamic Online University is an online university which means that it is accessible anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection. The IOU head office is based in The Gambia but the entire study is conducted only on the Internet.

4. What is the purpose for the establishment of Islamic Online University?

It has been established with a vision to change the nation through education; to impart Islamic knowledge to Muslims and non-Muslim alike, where it is readily accessible and affordable for all. In keeping that vision we are providing online intensive, diploma and degree courses in Islamic Studies completely tuition-free.

5. Which school of thought does the IOU follow?

IOU follows the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah according to the understanding of the first three generations of Muslim scholars. It recognizes and holds in high regard the contributions of the great Imams to the development of Fiqh and benefits from all of them. The IOU strives to follow the math'hab of Abu Haneefah as distinct from the Hanafi math'hab, the math'hab of Maalik as distinct from the Maliki math'hab, the Math'hab of ash-Shaafi'ee as distinct from the Shaa'fi'ee math'hab and the math'hab of Ahmad ibn Hambal as distinct from the Hambali math'hab. The math'hab of these great imams, as is known to all, was that of Rasoolullaah (ﷺ).

6. What programs does Islamic Online University offer?

Currently the Islamic Online University offers the following programs:
Program Stream Department
Master of Arts in Islamic StudiesDegreeIslamic Studies
Master of Arts in Islamic Studies with Concentration in ArabicDegreeIslamic Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Islamic StudiesDegreeIslamic Studies
Bridge Diploma to MA in Islamic StudiesHigher DiplomaIslamic Studies
Advance Diploma in Islamic StudiesAdvance DiplomaIslamic Studies
BA Islamic Studies Audit coursesAuditIslamic Studies
Bachelor of Science in PsychologyDegreePsychology
Associate Degree in PsychologyAssociate DegreePsychology
Certificate in PsychologyCertificatePsychology
Advance Diploma in PsychologyAdvance DiplomaPsychology
BSc Psychology Audit coursesAuditPsychology
Bachelor in EducationDegreeEducation
Associate Degree in EducationAssociate DegreeEducation
Certificate in EducationCertificateEducation
Advance Diploma in EducationAdvance DiplomaEducation
BEd Audit coursesAuditEducation
Bachelor of Science in Islamic Economics, Banking, and FinanceDegreeIslamic Economics, Banking, and Finance
Associate Degree in Islamic Economics, Banking, and FinanceAssociate DegreeIslamic Economics, Banking, and Finance
Certificate in Islamic Economics, Banking, and FinanceCertificateIslamic Economics, Banking, and Finance
Advance Diploma in Islamic Economics, Banking, and FinanceAdvance DiplomaIslamic Economics, Banking, and Finance
BScIBE Audit coursesAuditIslamic Economics, Banking, and Finance
Bachelor in Business AdministrationDegreeBusiness Administration
Associate Degree in Business AdministrationAssociate DegreeBusiness Administration
Certificate in Business AdministrationCertificateBusiness Administration
Advance Diploma in Business AdministrationAdvance DiplomaBusiness Administration
BBA Audit coursesAuditBusiness Administration
Bachelor of Science in Information TechnologyDegreeInformation Technology
Associate Degree in Information TechnologyAssociate DegreeInformation Technology
Certificate in Information TechnologyCertificateInformation Technology
Advance Diploma in Information TechnologyAdvance DiplomaInformation Technology
BScIT Audit coursesAuditInformation Technology
Intensive Arabic ProgramDiplomaArabic Language and Linguistics
Associate's Degree in Islamic Studies (DC IS)Youth Dual Credit ProgramIslamic Studies
Associate's Degree in Education (DC ED)Youth Dual Credit ProgramEducation
Associate's Degree in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (DC IBE)Youth Dual Credit ProgramIslamic Economics, Banking, and Finance
Associate's Degree in Psychology (DC PSY)Youth Dual Credit ProgramPsychology
Associate's Degree in Business Administration (DC BA)Youth Dual Credit ProgramBusiness Administration
Associate's Degree in Information Technology (DC IT)Youth Dual Credit ProgramInformation Technology

The IOU also has the Global Qur'an Memorization Center and a free diploma section where the students get a certificate after completing each course and a diploma after completing 24 courses or more.

7. Where does the study take place?

The Islamic Online University is an "online educational resource". The entire program is taught online via internet. Anybody from any part of the world can join easily and benefit from it if one has access to a computer and internet connection, Insha'Allah.

8. Who are the students of the Islamic Online University?

Anyone who has the desire to gain authentic Islamic knowledge correctly derived from the Qur'an and Sunnah as understood by the early generations of righteous scholars is a potential student of the IOU. The students represent a diverse group coming from both developing and developed countries.

9. Any prior education qualification before enrolling for the courses?

There are several streams of study at the IOU.
1. There is no prior educational qualification required for the free diploma courses here .
2. As for the accredited degree, diploma and certificate programs in the mainstream studies, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma.
3. The admission requirement of the graduate program of MA is mentioned here.
4. It is also possible for students who do not have a high school diploma to join the bachelor's or even the master's program and complete the entire study without getting a degree at the end. Such students will get an IOU Advanced Diploma upon successful completion of the program. This option is available under the IOU Open Education Program.

10. Do we have to complete the Diploma courses before enrolling into the Degree program?

No, you can enroll into the Degree program without doing any Diploma course first.

11. Is there any age limit to join the courses?

There is no age limit.

12. What is the language of instruction at the IOU?

All courses are taught in English with the exception of advanced Arabic classes.
The IOU also has a Russian campus where the language of instruction is Russian: IOU Russia